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Sessions Available

Special Offers for Private Sessions

Private Somatics sessions are for those wishing to have sessions tailored to suit their individual needs. Movements can be taught seated or in standing if you are unable to lie down on the treatment table at the moment. We will work together to address the tension in your body.  Somatics is not a 'quick fix', however, you may be amazed how quickly you feel change happening. 


 The moves are very easy to do, they will help restore full function to your muscles. We stay away from pain and move with comfort and ease. There is no stretching in a Somatics session. 


Not only can Somatics be used to help you become pain-free and moving well again, but it also complements all other sports and activities. You can use movements to 'warm-up' and 'cool down' for exercise sessions, helping you improve your 'game', and reduce muscle soreness after sessions.

Group Sessions 

 Endless Movement Possibilities with Somatics! 

As adults, we tend to focus too much on the outcome when learning something new - end goal gaining. We lose the fun of the learning process, once we learn something we tend to be done, moving on to the next thing. As beginners, we only know one way to do something, to become really skilled at something we need to understand it in many ways.

When we stop trying to achieve an end goal and just explore, sense and enjoy the process it's incredible what the body can achieve! Come and explore the endless movement possibilities with this pain-free movement method.


(Sorry, no c.p.d's available. Please contact Essential Somatics to study this work)

If you would like to see a class or workshop near you, please do get in touch to see if we can organise this! 

Past workshops;  Somatics for Beginners  |  Let's Twist Again  |  Restore your Core

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