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Beginners & Seated 


Beginners Somatics Classes

New Date TBC


In this short course we will explore a variety of enjoyable, gentle, pain-free movement patterns to help release chronically tight muscles that may be causing you pain and restricted movement. 

We will cover how Somatics works and why it is so effective at releasing chronically contracted muscles, helping to reduce pain and tension.


Whether you are a complete beginner or an improver there is something for everyone in this course. 

We will cover moves to help release the front, back and sides of the body, creating more freedom of movement.

You are in charge of how much you feel like moving. We never stretch or work through pain in Somatics, we move very gently for big results! 

The only requirement to take part in these classes is you are able to lie on your back, sides and tummy.

 If this will be a challenge for you do not worry, I recommend experiencing a private session that will be tailored for your personal needs instead.


 Somatics really is for everyone of all ages and abilities, it just might be more suitable to attend a one to one rather than a general movement class. 

Email, phone support, video links and informational handouts will be included in the price

Seated Somatics Classes for ALL Abilities!

New Dates TBC  

This 6 week course is not only for those who find it hard to get down on the floor but for everyone who finds themselves sitting for long periods of time and wants to learn how to release tension in sitting. 

We spend a lot of our time sitting, whether at home, at work, in the car, out to dinner, in the cinema... we seem to go from one seat to another - even the toilet is a chair! 


Over these 6 weeks I will share with you how to....

  • sit with more comfort and ease 

  • release tension from the front, back and sides of your body

  • sit and get up with grace and ease from a chair (without groaning!)

  • release tension in your head, neck, shoulders and jaw

  • build strength in your legs and improve your walking (whilst seated!)

  • release pain and tension in your feet and lower legs

  • release tension in your arms and hands

  •  Classes will be recorded for you to keep!

6 weeks x 30 min classes

Sit in any comfortable chair. This course is suitable for everyone!

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