Weekly Somatics Sessions

Weekly Somatics sessions for anyone who wants to:

• Learn more about their body

• Ease their aches and pains

•  Have fun learning to move in new ways

•  Release chronically contracted muscle tension

•  Learn skills to help keep themselves moving well


9 classes per week to choose from, come to one, come to all!


New 10 week term 2022

Move, Improve, Repeat

 My 10 week Somatics package includes 90 live online classes
(Plus access to 100's of audio classes during these weeks!

Live to your home via Zoom

Starts Monday 13th June

Morning Classes (45 mins)

A great way to start your day!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am

Tuesday and Thursday 9.30am

Evening Classes (60 mins)

A great way to wind down and relax!

Monday and Thursday 7pm

Tuesday and Wednesday 6pm

Come to as many sessions as you like! 

Personal Investment Packages 

  A Single Class Pass  £10

One week pass runs Mon - Fri  £30  

(covers you for all or any of the 9 classes that week) 

 4 week pass runs Mon - Fri each week £60 

(covers all or any of the 36 classes in total)

6 week pass runs Mon - Fri each week £80 

(covers all or any of the 54 classes in total)

  The  FULL 10 Week  Package only £109

(Covers all 90 live classes and library access to 100's more!)