Weekly Somatics Classes

Weekly Clinical Somatics classes, for anyone who wants to:

• Learn more about their body

• Ease their aches and pains

•  Have fun learning to move in new ways

•  Release chronically contracted muscle tension

•  Learn skills to help keep themselves moving well



When and where are these classes?​

New 10 week term starts 11th January 2021. 

Live to your home via Zoom.

9 classes per week to choose from, come to one, come to all!


This term is titled
Favourites and More!

Morning Classes (45 mins)

A great way to start your day!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am

Tuesday and Thursday 9.30am

Evening Classes (60 mins)

A great way to wind down and relax!

Monday and Thursday 7pm

Tuesday and Wednesday 6pm

Come to as many as you like! 

Early bird offer: £89 before 3rd January (£99 after)

Past Courses

Myth of Ageing  |  Top to Toe  |  Move with Comfort and Ease |  Let's Explore Some More

 |  Simply Somatics - Delving Deeper  Inspired By.... | Simply Somatics - Endless movement Possibilities | Themed Days Unlimited 

Call: 07907 226060
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