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Learn To Release Pain and Tension From Your Body with Clinical Somatics

When we are in pain it can be hard to remember what life was like before, suffering daily can make simple activities hard to do. I would like to share with you that it does not have to be that way.  I used to suffer from terrible back pain for years before I found Pilates and Clinical Somatics. Pilates did help a bit, but it was not until I came to Clinical Somatics that I could finally say I was pain-free. I now spend my time helping others take control of their pain. It is really empowering when you are able to take care of yourself and free yourself of chronic pain and tension.

In this mini-workshop, we will explore some gentle movement patterns in seated and standing for you to experience how Clinical Somatic movement education can help you release pain and tension from your body. I will share with you...

  • what Clinical Somatic Education is and how it works

  • how we create tension in our bodies and what we can do to release it

  • simple ideas to change the way we move that can put into place straight away! 

  • why it is not healthy to keep pulling in those abdominal muscles and how you can break this habit

  • why it is  better to address the body as a whole rather than spot-fixing a single area

  • how muscles work and why we do not stretch in Clinical Somatics

  • how you can improve the way you move and feel with very little effort

  • Informational handouts and a free recording of the moves on the day  

We will cover simple movement patterns to help release the front, back and sides of the body, creating more freedom of movement.

You are in charge of how much you feel like moving. We never stretch or work through pain in Clinical Somatics. Less is more for big results! 

The only requirement to take part in this workshop is you are able to lie on your back, sides and tummy.  If this will be a challenge for you - do not worry, I recommend experiencing a private session that will be tailored for your personal needs instead.


Clinical Somatics really is for everyone of all ages and abilities, it just might be more suitable to attend a one to one rather than a general movement class. 

Call 07907 22 60 60 for a free 30 min consultation 

When and where?

The Swan Retreat Centre - Stoke St. Mary

Saturday 20th June

10am - 2pm

Cost £49


Call: 07907 226060
Email: exploremovementcouk@gmail.com
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