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 Somatics for

Long Term Pain Relief 


 easy, enjoyable, pain-free movement

Somatic Education uses gentle, full-body movement patterns anyone can do. This movement practice takes a different approach. It's focused on releasing and relaxing the muscles by pandiculating them, as our cats and dogs do, rather than stretching them. When you move in this enjoyable, relaxing way, you can achieve amazing results. 

Somatics releases tight and often painful muscles, reducing overall pain and tension, helping you regain your freedom of movement back.​

The brain controls the muscles; by doing Somatics, you can make changes to your muscular system by re-educating your nervous system.

It is empowering when you can take care of yourself rather than keep visiting therapists every time you think something is wrong. With Somatics you can achieve long-lasting results.

Somatics helps to restore full function to your muscles, you are in control of how much you move, if it does not feel good, relax, do less, you will achieve much better results if you do.

Somatic Education is for everyone, do not just take my word for it though, come and experience it today!


Some of the conditions helped from learning Somatics...


All types of Arthritis   |   Back Pain   |   Disc problems

 Frozen Shoulder   |   Fibromyalgia   |   Headaches

Insomnia   |   Joint Pain   |   Migraines

Neck and Shoulder Pain   |   Plantar Fasciitis

Hip and Leg Pain   |   Uneven leg length

Scoliosis   |   Sciatica Pain   |   Stress and Anxiety

Plus many more....

A few of the benefits from learning Somatics…


•  Somatics is a skill you will have for life!

•  Improved balance and co-ordination

•  Reduced pain and tension in the body

•  Improved gait pattern

•  Freedom of movement

•  Improved physical fitness

•  Improved breathing

•  Feel stronger, more flexible and mobile

•  Good night’s sleep

•  Feel relaxed and calm

•  Improved posture

•  Feel more grounded

•  Ability to take care of your own aches and pains

...Plus many more!

What does Explore Movement offer?
Private Somatic Sessions
Tailored Programmes for You
Duo and Group Somatics Classes
Specialized Workshops
Workplace Somatics
Public Speaking
Plus Fun Movement Classes for Adults!
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