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Sarah Guest

Hi, my name is Sarah. I am excited to be back in the U.K after working in Ireland, Spain and Gibraltar. While I am sad to leave those wonderful places, I am delighted to be home again and hope that my Somatics, Pilates and Natural Movement 'Childs Play' classes will also be enjoyed here by all those who attend them!

Dublin is where I first studied Neuromuscular Physical Therapy (NMT) at the NTC under the directorship of Mr John Sharkey,I also studied Pilates in several fantastic schools, The Pilates Institute Ireland, Body Balance University, The Progressive Pilates Academy and JPilates (London). Why so many schools?! Well, I love to experience a wide range of training so that I can offer the best I can to my clients!

I am also a Somatics Coach thanks to the fantastic training programmes run by Martha Peterson and her fantastic team at Essential Somatics and Tanya Fitzpatrick at Align Somatics, I love this work!

Somatics is where I have my main focus these days. Somatics uses gentle movement patterns anyone can do. It helps clients re-educate their nervous systems, releasing their muscles, reduce their pain and tension and regain their freedom of movement back.  Focusing on the 'means whereby' of movement rather than 'end goal gaining' and working with the body by pandiculating rather than against it by stretching and pulling the muscles clients can achieve amazing results and become more aware of how they are using their bodies. 


 It's empowering when you can self-sense and self-regulate to feel good again rather than having to keep visiting therapists to 'fix' you every time you feel something is wrong, often costing a small fortune. With Somatics, you learn a new skill, a skill that you will have for life!


I come from a background of chronic pain myself, and after suffering for years I know what it is like to wonder if it will ever change, will there ever be a day when I can move or sleep again without pain ruling my life? Pilates helped me, but it wasn't until Somatics that I can actually say I finally became pain-free!  I always love hearing how my clients' pains are reduced and how they feel fitter and stronger. It's so amazing when you can finally feel good again in your own body.

I am always striving to become a better instructor and therapist for my clients and regularly attend workshops, courses and seminars. I want to help others to learn how to take care of themselves too. There's always so much more to learn!


Align Somatics - Somatics Movement Coach  

Essential Somatics - Somatics Movement Coach 

MovNat (Natural Movement) - Level One Certification


National Qualification in Neuromuscular Physical Therapy (NMT)

National Qualification in Orthopaedic Sports Massage   


National Qualification in Pilates Matwork (NTC)

National Qualification in Pilates and Small Equipment

National Qualification in Pilates and Special Populations 

(Pregnancy, Mature Adults, Special Conditions Osteoporosis & Arthritis) 


Progressive Pilates Matwork Level 1 and 2  
(Beginners to Intermediate)

Progressive Pilates Better Backs, Better Hips 


BodyBalance University Pilates Mat 1
(Beginners to Intermediate)

BodyBalance University Pilates Mat 2
(Intermediate to Advanced) 


Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Pilates Mat Work 


... Plus many many workshops and seminars!