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Clinical Somatics for Upper Back, Neck, Shoulder and Jaw Pain 

This mini-workshop will cover the principles of Clinical Somatics, how it works and why it is so effective at releasing chronically contracted muscles. We will focus our attention on the centre and the upper half of the body, however, if you have lower body pain please do consider this workshop too, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results! 

Whether you are a complete beginner or an improver there is something for everyone in this workshop. 

We will cover moves to help release muscular tension that affects the upper back, neck, shoulders and jaw.

Informational handouts and a free recording of the moves on the day are included the price. 

The only requirement to take part is you are able to lie on your back, sides and tummy.  If this will be a challenge for you do not worry, I recommend experiencing a private session that will be tailored for your personal needs. 

Call 07907 22 60 60 for a free 30 min consultation 

When and where?

Geoff Hewett Pavilion - Trull. Taunton

 Saturday 25th July

10am - 1pm 

Special Offers for the July Workshops

Book 1 = £39

Book 2 = £70 

Book all 3 = £90 

Call: 07907 226060
Email: exploremovementcouk@gmail.com
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