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Do you have back tension or pain?

Updated: Jan 29, 2022


There are three main reflex patterns the body will take on in response to physical, emotional and mental stress. In Somatics we call them the Red Light, Green Light and Trauma Reflexes.

Our daily habits, the way we sit, stand and move contribute to muscular tension in our bodies. We are the final product of all our movement habits, all the sports and activities we have played, all the accidents, injuries and surgeries we have been through.

The Green Light Reflex - The muscles on the back of the body contract to move us forward. When walking, running for something, standing up straight (think military posture) or sitting up 'straight' we can overly contract our back muscles and if these stresses become habituated, they can help to cause back, neck and shoulder pain, disc issues and sciatica pain.  When suffering from these pains we can find ourselves easily suffering from depression, anxiety and sleep problems. A cycle of pain can develop.

This reflex pattern can be a hard one for people to let go of in the beginning due to the deeply held belief its 'good posture' to stand up straight! But, when they finally let go of their chronically held lower back muscles the relief can just feel heavenly!

Some possible consequences of a Green Light Reflex

Lower Back Pain

Bulging/Herniated Discs

Sciatica Pain

S.I Joint Pain/ Dysfunction

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Digestive Issues

Difficulty with Breathing

Pelvic Floor Problems

Some Somatic movements that can help re – educate a nervous system held in a

Green Light Reflex.

Arch and Release

The Back Lift

Glutes Release

Shoulder Slides

Prone Neck and Shoulder Releases

Arch Phase in the Red Light moves!

Please do contact me if you have any questions or would like to work privately on any issues.

Sarah 07907 22 60 60

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