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Do you feel like you have poor posture?

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Our daily habits, the way we sit, stand and move contribute to muscular tension, but perhaps even more importantly .. all the emotional and mental stress we experience has the biggest impact on our nervous system.

Our nervous system will take us into a startle reflex position in response to fear, anxiety and emotional upset. We unconsciously and instantaneously tighten the muscles on the front of our body curling inwards. When we start to feel safe again we can release out of this reflex and continue on with our day - like animals do.

However, today with all the fear and stress in the world and the amount of time we spend using technology this reflex is being held on to. Reducing our connection with things like the media can be one simple and positive way we can help reduce this reflex response.

This slumped forward posture of the startle reflex can go on to create chronic neck, shoulder and  back pain due to the tightening of the belly and the rounding forward of the shoulders. This posture juts the head forward compressing the spine and the chest area, hindering a full breath. Shallow breathing can deprive the body of the essential oxygen it needs to function properly.

Some possible consequences of a Red Light Reflex

Shoulder, Neck and Back Pain

Shortness of Breath

Joint Pain

Hip and Knee Pain




Abdominal Discomfort

Digestion Issues

Pelvic Floor Issues

Somatic movements that can help re – educate a nervous system held in a

Red Light Reflex.

Flatten and Release

The Flower

Arch and Curl

Diagonal Arch and Curl


Please do contact me if you have any questions or would like to work privately on any issues.

Sarah: 07907 22 60 60

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