My Recommendations!

This page is dedicated to the wonderful living beings I have either worked with or know personally and I highly recommend!

 Hearts Connections


Caroline's website is an incredible portal for so many areas of our lives, I highly recommend exploring it. Do give her a call if you have any questions. She is always very happy to help. I often see Caroline in her workshops and she always blows me away with her knowledge and incredible kindness. 

Caroline also created some art work for me to help advertise my business and I have also taken her wonderful 21 day tapping challenge. Thank you Caroline!

The Devon Pain Clinic - Osteopathy for Humans and Dogs


Matt is the wonderful Osteopath I take my dog Lollie to. He is very attentive to both his four legged and two legged clients! 

Every now and again I like to go see an Osteopath myself as it's good to have another set of eyes on me. I haven't had pain for years since exploring Somatics, I just like to have the occasional MOT as it helps highlight areas I may have overlooked in myself.  Matt's knowledge is incredible - I highly recommend him!

Munay - Ki gardenia - Hand Crafted Gifts

Munay - Ki Gardenia Logo.jpg

Debbie has been creating various crafts for many years, she is self taught and has a real passion for her work! 

I have many of Debbie's original pieces of artwork, from beautiful bookmarks and framed art work to jewellery, candles and body supplies! 

Debbie always provides incredible customer service, nothing is too much trouble. 

Such a kind and truly gifted woman.

Hear The Tree Fall 

Hear the tree fall logo.jpg

Nuin is a quantum practitioner helping people to help and heal themselves in all the elements that are them. She finds the 'lynchpin' that causes dis-ease in the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical elements that are us and then suggests ways to let go so that we can heal ourselves and move on again. She says 'you are your own best  healer, I just walk your path with you for a few steps until you can fly again'

I have learned so much from this wonderful living being these past few years, I can highly recommend a session or two with Nuin you will be truly amazed!

Swiftly IT 


If you have any computer issues, I highly recommend Dan and Christina at Swiftly IT!

They were so amazing when I had issues with my computer, I will always go to them.

They can help with any IT support but here is a brief, non-exhaustive list.


  • Mobile phone issues and repairs

  • PC / MAC issues

  • Gaming set ups

  • Software troubleshooting

  • Training

  • Music and Video

  • Website Support


Best thing to do is get in touch and they can work on an individual basis.


Call on 07443 960485

Email  or

Kate Hart


Kate Hart is a wonderful lady I know that helps people with 'solution focused therapy' using Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy. She is so uplifting and positive it is no wonder she is in high demand. 

Kate has decades of experience and is very happy for you to contact her. She can explain to you how C.B.T works and if it is right for you.

Call Kate on 01823 324419